Lesná Sauna


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Lesná Sauna in Eastern Slovakia, Town of Spišský Hrhov
lesnasauna-Lesna Sauna Open Changing Room
The unique Lesná Sauna, which translates to Forest Sauna in Slovak is the result of a collaboration between skillful artists and architects in the small eastern village of Spišský Hrhov.

It's a space for connecting communities, meditation, and contemplating your surroundings. An example of a similarly functioning natural sauna is the sauna in Dúbravica, which is visited by several hundred visitors every year. The Forest Sauna project in Spišský Hrhov brings quality architecture and an original concept sensitively set in the natural environment.

The sauna is open to all for free or for a donation. The maintenance of the sauna performed by the inhabitants of the village who were involved in the project already during the preparation and construction.

The sauna design was done by a group of four women architects at Woven. You can learn more about the construction here.

The Sauna follows the design principle of "matryoshka", layering individual spaces one within the other. Visitors coming from the vast surrounding nature enter the object stepping on the terrace running all around. The next, indoor layer is cool and illuminated, thank the polycarbonate cladding. Functionally the rest area and changing room lead to the core, a traditional wood-fired log sauna, dark and hot in contrast.