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Dome Sauna Tent Rental in Duluth MN

Fun for the whole family or larger group. Fits up to 10 people.

Ol’ Faithful – 14′ Barrel Sauna From Nomad Sauna

Wood-fired mobile barrel saunas serving Minneapolis and surrounding areas.  Find us at yoga festivals, breweries, and other pop-up locations listed here.  Nomad Sauna is available for events and private rentals.

St Croix Sauna in Stillwater, Minnesota

Relax with your private sauna group during our 75 minute sauna session. The session includes all of the essentials for an exceptional experience. Grab your swimsuit and we'll take care of the rest!

Stonegrove Minneapolis 6-Person Barrel Sauna Rental

6 Person Mobile Barrel Sauna Delivered To Your Door.

Create your wellness retreat with Thousand Lakes Rental!

Our sauna was custom made by Voyageur Saunas for simple enjoyment! We can take it completely off the grid, as it’s equipped with solar panels and wheels. No power? No Problem

El Capitan – 16′ Barrel Sauna From Nomad Sauna

10 person Mobile sauna. 16ft long by 6.4" tall. 5 ft changing room. Lowers fully to the ground.Nomad Sauna Wood stove. Reaches temps of 230. 21ftx7ft trailer

Old Man of the Mountain Horse Trailer Sauna Rental in Minneapolis

Vintage 5 person mobile horse trailer sauna. Delivered to you, Huum wood stove. Window overlook

Minneapolis Mobile Sauna Delivered By Little Ember Co

Built by Voyageur Saunas here in Minnesota with a lightweight aluminum frame and premium cedar tongue and groove, our saunas are both beautiful and easy to bring anywhere.

Embrace North Fire and Ice

Unlimited sauna and ice sessions for $29.95/month or rent the whole sauna.

Forge Mobile Sauna From 612 Sauna Society

The first member owned sauna cooperative in the United States, launched from a kickstarter campaign in 2016.  Options include becoming a member, booking single sessions, or renting the sauna for private events.

Stonegrove North 4-Person Barrel Sauna

One of Four mobile barrel saunas from Stonegrove Saunas.  This one seats 4 and is based in Grand Rapids. ***Please visit for their calendar of availability before submitting a request***

Stonegrove Minneapolis 4-Person Barrel Sauna Rental

One of four mobile barrels from Stonegrove.  This one seats 4 and is based in Mpls. *** Please go to and check their calendar of availability before submitting a request ***