The Sharing Manifesto

The Sharing Manifesto

Why we’re doing what we’re doing

For the millions of humans across the world who practice Thermic Bathing Traditions, and in particular enjoy the secrets of Sauna – there is a universal principle at work: Sharing.

The inherent Joy that emerges from a few hours going back and forth between a Quality heat and cold water plunges is profound. Like live music, or a fresh from the farm, bountiful meal – when shared as a couple, group, or crowd – the Joy is not just multiplied, it’s magnified exponentially, a wealth of wellness – bottomless cups, so long as the Sharing continues. 

Sharing represents the essence of our manifesto at SaunaShare.

When we say “Sauna to the People”, we mean let’s share the wealth, enjoy the bounty together, without borders or barriers. Let’s open the doors, and get good people to share benchtime together – wherever they may find themselves.

Our platform is designed to help connect Sauna Hosts with Sauna Enthusiasts. Beyond Sharing, we believe Sauna Hosts must create a complete experience – safe, welcoming, hygienic, & inclusive. Sauna Enthusiasts too are held to the highest standards of respect and kindness. In this way, SaunaShare weaves the best experiences together with the humans who appreciate them the most. The humans that will always endeavor to keep the Thermaculture fires lit, and pass on the secrets of Sweat to the next generations. 

Share your Sauna with the world, or grab a SaunaShare Passport and your towel – because there are millions of Saunas and Sauna lovers across the world just waiting to Share a smile and a bench with you.