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    Free Public Saunas
    Showcasing public saunas that are free to use, if you can get there.
    VALA Floating Wilderness Sauna and Hotel in Estonia – Free If You Can Get There
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    Chillout Sauna
    Mobile Barrel Sauna in Toronto.
    Chillout Sauna Delivery in Toronto and GTA
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    Lesná Sauna
    The unique Lesná Sauna, which translates to Forest Sauna in Slovak is the result of a collaboration ...
    Lesná Sauna in Eastern Slovakia, Town of Spišský Hrhov
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    Horse Trailer Sauna
    Mobile sauna heated by a traditional Finnish wood burning sauna stove.  Currently serving ...
    Smoken Horsebox Mobile Sauna in Ireland – Hourly RentalSmoken Horsebox Mobile Sauna in Ireland – Daily Rental
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    Custom Mobile Saunas
    We are welders, fabricators, designers, and overall outdoor connoisseurs working to create your ...
    Custom Mobile Sauna Rentals in Minnesota
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    Sauna Parabuch
    Sauna Parabuch is a mobile sauna that started with a successful crowdfunding campaign. The ...
    Sauna Parabuch MembershipSauna Parabuch
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    Cedar + Stone Sauna
    It’s no secret: we live in a high-pressure, high-stress society. You may be living with a bit of ...
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    Authentic Mobile Sauna in Boston Area!
    Spa Wagon Daily Mobile Sauna Rental In Boston Area
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    Tiny Banya
    Traditional sauna of Eastern Europe on wheels for you to hire! Banya means Sauna and it is ...
    Tiny Banya Western Australia Authentic Mobile Sauna Rental
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    Oslo Sauna Van
    Why call an Uber when you can call the Oslo Sauna Van?  This converted Land Rover will actually ...
    Oslo Sauna Van – A Converted Land Rover Sauna For Rent in Oslo, Norway
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    Hiki Hut
    Hiki Hut is a mobile sauna in Duluth, MN offering public sauna sessions by the hour and often seen ...
    Hiki Hut Mobile Sauna Private Rentals In Duluth, Minnesota
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    Oslo Floating Sauna
    The Scarven Sauna is an award winning sauna hosted by Oslo Fjord Sauna to extend the bathing season ...
    Skarven Floating Sauna in Oslo, Norway from Oslo Fjord Sauna