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Skarven Floating Sauna in Oslo, Norway from Oslo Fjord Sauna
The Scarven Sauna is an award winning sauna hosted by Oslo Fjord Sauna to extend the bathing season to year-round.  It's the newest of three unique floating saunas available to the public in Oslo's inner harbor Sørenga.

Scarven was designed by Danish-Norwegian architects Zeuthen+Stjern.  The sauna has now been nominated for an Oslo City Architecture Award for 2019.

If you're feeling brave, there is a diving tower off the top for the ultimate cold plunge between sauna sessions!  There is seating outside, and plenty of changing rooms.

The sauna fleet started in 2016, and added Scarven to try to keep up with growing demand.  Sauna rentals were booking two months in advance, prompting Oslo Floating Sauna to expand their fleet to keep up with demand.

The new sauna contrasts the original 'Måken' sauna that was made out of driftwood and recycled materials from the harbor.

The raft can be rented for $1800KR (about $200 USD) which also gives you access to two paddle boards and the barbecue area.

There are also open sauna sessions without reservations on weekdays.