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Submerge Wellness Sauna Tent and Cold Plunge Rentals

Submerge Wellness offers a unique blend of wellness experiences through premium rental services, including cold plunges and saunas. Our mission is to make the transformative benefits of heat and cold exposure accessible to everyone, right at their preferred location. Whether it’s your backyard, business, balcony, or cottage, we transform any space into a personal wellness center.

Mobile Barrel Sauna Serving Southern Ontario – Casa De Sauna

Ontario’s original mobile barrel sauna builder and rental house.

8′ Premium Sauna



We will deliver a clean sauna with firewood and all the sauna goodies, teach you how to fire it up, and answer any questions you might have.

Newly finished and ready for your special event or vacation rental!

Mobile Sauna Rental in London, Ontario


Mobile sauna for rent in London, Ontario and area. Genuine, cedar barrel, firewood-heated sauna guarantees perfect experience to fans of either dry or wet steam. We will tow and set it up at the location of your choice. Brooms, hats, and essentials oils are also available.

Springwater Rental Barrel Sauna serving Barrie, ON


Looking to relax and enjoy all the health benefits?
We have a Mobile Wood Burning Sauna!