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Submerge Wellness Sauna Tent and Cold Plunge Rentals

Submerge Wellness offers a unique blend of wellness experiences through premium rental services, including cold plunges and saunas. Our mission is to make the transformative benefits of heat and cold exposure accessible to everyone, right at their preferred location. Whether it’s your backyard, business, balcony, or cottage, we transform any space into a personal wellness center.

Backwoods Sauna West Kootenays

An authentic sauna experience delivered to your location.  Private Rentals and Sauna Sessions available.

Book your sauna time now, please visit

Kamu Mobile Sauna


Kamu Sauna offers authentic folks in the East Kootenays authentic Finnish Sauna experiences on-the-go and in wild places.

We offer mobile sauna rentals delivered to you and sauna sessions in different locations in the East Kootenays.

Mobile Barrel Sauna Serving Southern Ontario – Casa De Sauna

Ontario’s original mobile barrel sauna builder and rental house.

The Fern Mobile Barrel Sauna

Serving the Sea to Sky corridor and Vancouver, this woodburning sauna, made locally by Nootka Saunas, is the perfect way to enjoy a sauna and all the health benefits that comes with it.

Book this sauna today and you won’t regret it!

8′ Premium Sauna



We will deliver a clean sauna with firewood and all the sauna goodies, teach you how to fire it up, and answer any questions you might have.

Newly finished and ready for your special event or vacation rental!

Mobile Sauna Rental in London, Ontario


Mobile sauna for rent in London, Ontario and area. Genuine, cedar barrel, firewood-heated sauna guarantees perfect experience to fans of either dry or wet steam. We will tow and set it up at the location of your choice. Brooms, hats, and essentials oils are also available.

Springwater Rental Barrel Sauna serving Barrie, ON


Looking to relax and enjoy all the health benefits?
We have a Mobile Wood Burning Sauna!

Yukon Sauna Serving Whitehorse Area


We offer mobile, wood heated outdoor sauna experiences to Yukoners and everyone in the North.

Backwoods Sauna Okanagan


We deliver a wood-fired sauna that comfortably seats six people.  Fenno Stove, hot room, porch and lighting is powered by solar.  We provide plenty of wood and kindling .  Rentals starting at 24 hrs for $350, 2 Nights, 3 Nights, 4 Nights, 7 Nights.  Book your sauna time now.  Please visit

The Finnish Sauna Serving Vancouver, Squamish, and Whistler


Enjoy Sauna at your private house, cabin or farm. Vancouver, Squamish or Whistler.

AIKA Private Spa Experiece

AIKA is the Sea to Sky’s first and only private spa experience. Their goal is to help inspire you in your personal health and wellness journey by providing an opportunity to safely and privately immerse in traditional hot and cold therapy.

In addition to the beautiful AIKA Spa, featuring a wood fired sauna and cold plunge, they offer massage, yoga, light therapy, private dining, and other essential spa treatments, personalized for private groups.

Hygge Sauna

We offer private sauna rentals for you to create your on wellness retreat.  Our sauna experience is a Finnish tradition of hot and cold thermal therapy with heat from a wood burning stove.

Susan from Backyard Barrel

Susan is 10 feet long, with a 7-foot “hot room” and a 3-foot change-room separated by a glass door. That’s enough space for four to six adults, or long enough to lay down on one of the included cedar sauna pillows.

Sylvester From The Backyard Barrel in Winnipeg

Sly is a clone of Shawn, featuring that unique panoramic rear window. Other than that he’s equipped with the exact same amenities as our other saunas, with a change room, wood bucket & ladle, and two authentic cedar sauna pillows.

Shawn From The Backyard Barrel in Winnipeg

Shawn features a unique panoramic rear window. Other than that he’s equipped with the exact same amenities as Susan, with a change room, wood bucket & ladle, and two authentic cedar sauna pillows.

Loyly Mobile Barrel Sauna In Vancouver Island from Alpenglow Saunas

Loyly loves snowy winter nights, romantic sunsets at the beach, and chilling lakeside with friends. She is our cedar barrel sauna and seats four comfortably (up to six if you like to get cozy).

Juhla Mobile Trailer Sauna In Vancouver Islands from Alpenglow Saunas

​Juhla loves celebrations. Weddings, birthdays, bachelor(ette) parties, good ol’ backyard BBQs, or any other festivities, she’s in. Juhla is our cedar caravan sauna and seats up to eight. She is solar powered but can also be plugged in for week-long party goers. She has a change room, small bar for mixing drinks (beverages not included), and a lounge deck.

Canada is a serious hotspot for mobile saunas, especially barrel saunas.  There are Canadian sauna companies available throughout Canada that can be delivered to private residences, businesses, sporting events, and more.

The only limit is your imagination.  Where will you sauna?

Public Sauna Events in Canada

Perfect Sweat Premier

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