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Aufguss with Alex–Jan. 27, 2023

January 27, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm CST

612 Sauna Society Cooperative and Alex Troitzsch have teamed up to offer a special Aufguss sauna session.

612 Sauna Society Cooperative and Alex Troitzsch have teamed up to offer a special Aufguss session at the Trailhead at Theodore Wirth Park. Sauna sessions are open to everyone!

**Previous pass packages and other promo codes are not valid for this session. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

**612SS Member-owners pricing is $45/ticket–please use your member discount code to book.

About Aufguss and Alex:

Saunameister Alex focuses on the classic version of Aufguss, which is centered around deep relaxation, profound connection with oneself, and the many health benefits of sauna. During an Aufguss session with Alex, you need to do nothing more than breathe in the enriched soothing air and follow some simple instructions. Aufguss with Alex provides a unique opportunity to reconnect with your body and mind, and to feel the gentle healing energy of nature when embracing the fresh air after leaving the sauna. Alex combines Aufguss with relaxation techniques, a variety of essential oils, and cold exposure right after the sauna session. During the sessions, you will be guided to focus on your breath and let go. After leaving the sauna, Alex will show you how to enjoy the beauty of an ice cold shower or an ice bath, by applying different breathing techniques.

Alex’ s goal is to provide a holistic experience that enables you to switch state, from feeling tension and stress, to a state of deep relaxation and joy that can have long-lasting effects after the Aufguss ceremony.

To learn more about Alex, visit: http://saunawithalex.com/

  • This 120 minute session is capped at 8 people with no overlap in between sessions.
  • The sauna will be located in the main parking lot with access to cold plunges in Silver Lake.
  • You can change at the Forge or come ready to sauna!
  • Restrooms are available for use in the Silverwood Park building.

What to bring:

– Bathing suit (required)- Water bottle & water – 2 Towels – one to sit on and one to use after your session. Your sitting towel should be long enough to place your feet on the towel as well. There are hooks in the hot room to hang your sitting towel between rounds. – Flip flops

Covid-19 Protocols:

612 Sauna Society is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all members, guests, and staff. Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 within our facility and our community. This will require cooperation of guests, members and staff to comply with protocols to keep the sauna safe.

  • Stay home if you’re feeling sick or if you’ve been exposed.
  • Please arrive no more than five minutes before your time slot and wait outside until directed by a host.
  • You must use your own towel and water, and a towel is required for sitting on the bench inside the hot room.
  • Staff cleans and sanitizes equipment per disinfecting checklist between each reservation.


The Sauna Society Code has been identified to ensure that all guests have an enjoyable sauna and can be immersed in the health benefits of the activity, and can be summarized as follows:

At the 612 Sauna Society, our intention is to support a welcoming, respectful, and inclusive space to enjoy the health and community benefits of sauna.

We are aware of ourselves, each other, and our surroundings to ensure a safe environment for all sauna guests. We are aware of our own health and safety, and we are also aware of the health of other guests.

We and our guests believe that everyone is equally worthy of love, respect, and dignity. We believe that differences of race, age, culture, religion, politics, sexual orientation, gender, gender variance, body shapes and sizes, nationalities, (and beyond) are simply part of being human and all are welcome here.

In short, we endeavor to treat each other as a family—one that loves and respects each other. Thank you for helping us create a safe and comfortable space for all.


Please arrive hydrated so you can enjoy the full benefits of your time on the bench.

Sauna promotes healthy blood flow by activation of the thermoregulatory system. Practicing full “rounds” will provide the full health benefits. A round consists of 10-20 mins in the hot room (your body will tell you when your time is up), followed by a cool-down period outside. Letting your body cool down between rounds by relaxing and cooling off at the rinse station will increase your circulation and provide the full physical and mental benefit of the experience. A typical sauna session consists of 3-4 rounds of this hot-cold treatment.

Learn more about the health benefits of Sauna here.


– The Sauna will be staffed by a trained host. If you have further questions about Sauna, The Forge or the 612 Sauna Society, please ask a member of the Stoker Team, or email us at jessica@612saunasociety.com.

– See you on the bench!


January 27, 2023
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm CST
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The Trailhead at Theodore Wirth Park
1221 Theodore Wirth Pkwy
Minneapolis, MN 55422 United States

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