Butchers Heat Mobile Sauna in Copenhagen

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Butchers Heat is a military crew wagon with a past life with the Frogman Corps, a Danish Special Operations force. The caravan has been converted into an urban mobile sauna with a wood stove. The truck is unique and beautifully decorated with benches in obeche wood, butcher tiles, thoughtful lighting, and speakers to complete the activated senses.

Butchers Heat offers saunagus and has linked ten different trained gusmasters. Saunagus is aromatherapy in sauna, where a gus master works with essential oils on the sauna’s hot stones and swings the scents of the oils and the heat around the sauna with a towel to create a comfortable relaxed atmosphere.

Butchers Heat uses only pure essential oils, which provide a gentle scent with varying effects of relaxation, calm, circulation, cleansing, giving renewed energy and great well-being. For most saunagus sessions it is nice and fresh with a depth of sea between each gus – all year round.

There is room for up to 12 people in the sauna depending on height and height.

Butchers Heat holds regular gus sessions in the Port of Copenhagen, where everyone is welcome to reserve seats. In addition, it is available for private rentals and gusmester for different types of events, corporate events, stag parties, lunches, etc.

Butchers Heat was founded by Catrine Mannerup, one of the co-founders of CrossFit training centers Butcher´s Lab and Butcher´s Garage. Here she helped to renew the Copenhagen fitness industry, now it is time to give the wellness industry in Copenhagen an innovative urban reinterpretation.

The mobile sauna is thus part of a larger urban wellness concept, which Catrine is in the process of finding investors for.

Butchers Heat Private Sauna Rentals

The Sauna Truck can be rented including guest master for private events, corporate events, bachelor parties, etc.

We offer different types of events depending on how many people are in and what type of event you are interested in.

As a starting point, we recommend a sauna session for about 12 people where a gus master makes 3 rounds of saunagus with fragrant essential oils, delicious music, delicious light and massages of lovely warmth.

During the breaks we serve snacks and water – here is also time for a dip in the sea, if you choose the event to be held by the water. We also have a water hose that can be connected to water if you dream of bringing the sauna truck home in your own garden / driveway or similar.

Private events cost from DKK 2,900 this is the price if you choose one of our popup spots, Svanemølle Strand, Refshaleøen el Christiania Strand. All other spots are placed on transport expenses.

Butchers Heat sauna trucks have also participated in various festivals, we have been to Copenhell, City Link Festival, Distortion, CPH PRO etc.


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Butchers Heat Mobile Sauna in Copenhagen
Butchers Heat Mobile Sauna in Copenhagen

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