Mobile Sauna Rental in London, Ontario


Mobile sauna for rent in London, Ontario and area. Genuine, cedar barrel, firewood-heated sauna guarantees perfect experience to fans of either dry or wet steam. We will tow and set it up at the location of your choice. Brooms, hats, and essentials oils are also available.

Enjoy our authentic, firewood-heated cedar barrel sauna rental in your backyard or at the campsite – when and where you want!

Book it for your family fun, pool party, or a BBQ party with your friends. You will enjoy every minute you spend in the sauna.

Use our simple form to book a date or dates that work for you. Once your request is received, we will get in touch with you to confirm all the details.

We will tow the sauna to your location in time, and we will install it for you. We will also provide clear instructions and show you how everything works. It is easy, simple, safe, good for your health, and most importantly – it is a true joy for your body and soul!

Wet steam or hot steam – up to you. Our firewood-heated sauna stove is perfect for either method. You can also use essential oils and whisk brooms to make your experience even better. Supplies and accessories we have in stock will be offered to you before checkout.

Please, note that we clean and sanitize all the surfaces after each rental, so everything will be perfectly clean and safe.

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Rental Details

We will bring it by 4 pm – 5 pm and pick it up around the same time on the service end date. Delivery and pick-up time is negotiable.

We will set the sauna up on the spot of your choice, unless it is technically impossible, in that case, we will help you to pick a more appropriate area.

Please, note $100 deposit is required when booked in advance of 4 days or more. Full price is requested 3 days prior to the service start date. To learn more, please see our Rental Agreement.


Clean, sanitized sauna, with a bundle of firewood enough for a 6-8-hour session. The sauna chamber is equipped with a wooden bucket and spoon, thermometer, hygrometer, sand timer (hourglass). We also provide disposable slippers, fireproof gloves, and fireplace accessories.

Upon delivery, we will provide detailed guidance and show you how the sauna works. You will also find the rules and operating instructions attached to the walls inside the sauna. Please, make sure everyone who uses the sauna will strictly follow the rules and instructions.


You are welcome to add essential oils and whisk brooms as extra features. If you would like us to preheat the sauna for you, we will be happy to help.

If you need more firewood, an extra bundle will be offered to you upon request.

Please, pick an available date that works for you, book it, and expect our confirmation call shortly.

If the dates you are interested in are not available, please contact us, so we can see if we can help you or put you on our waitlist for the dates.



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