SpaFleet Mobile Sauna Serving New York – New Jersey – Connecticut, and beyond.


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Spa Fleet
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Shower/Swim Shower

Features Of The Cloudberry


The sauna room accommodates up to eight persons comfortably. It is clad in clear cedar wood. The benches and back rests are made of hypoallergenic basswood. As a wood preserver we only use pure, food-grade mineral oil designed specifically for saunas and 100% free of toxins and allergens.

The heat source is a double-walled Finnish sauna wood stove with an eighty-pound sauna rock capacity. This design produces even heat and enables the sauna bather to generate steam, if desired. We provide plenty of well-seasoned fire wood – a carbon-neutral natural fuel.

If you feel unsure about how to use a wood stove, we provide a visual guide and an easy-start tinder kit that will allow even the novice to easily and safely start a fire and operate the stove.
For your convenience, the fire wood is located under the flip-up bench top in the sauna room, so there is no need to open doors while walking with armfuls of logs.

A glass door in the stove’s firebox door lets you enjoy the flicker of the flames or you may use the…
Changing-color sauna light, which you can program with a one-touch button to select different modes of cycling through the colors, or keep it set at the color and brightness of your choice.

If you would like to supplement the crackling sounds of the fire with your own soundtrack then you may take advantage of the built-in stereo. Just bring a portable music player and connect it to the radio (located in the changing room) via Bluetooth or auxiliary cable.

Changing Room:

The changing room offers enough bench space to seat up to four persons at a time. There are two shoe racks and many coat and towel hooks. However, it is best to bring nothing but your sauna essentials.

LED lights in the changing room are dimmable to maintain a soothing atmosphere while your body temperature normalizes in between sauna rounds.


Leading you up into the changing room we provide a heavy-duty steel step-stand and a sturdy handrail. There is an exterior light above the entrance door, as well as a set of remote-controled under-trailer lights that gently illuminate the paths around the entrance area.

In temperatures above 35°F we are pleased to provide a removable shower head, which we will mount to the side of the sauna. This shower can be fed by a common garden hose.

We also provide a wall-mounted outside bench for enjoying a relaxed cool-down period.

Safety Measures:

The safety of our customers is very important to us. We will explain to you in detail all the features and how to use them in our written User Manual, as well as in person when we deliver the equipment. No prior experience is necessary to safely operate the wood stove or any other part of the Cloudberry sauna. The sauna door opens out to the changing room and there is no locking mechanism that would prevent the sauna bather from quick egress. Of course, we also provide a fire extinguisher, mounted in the changing room, as well as a 1st Aid kit.

We are certain that you will enjoy the Spa Fleet experience and look forward to welcoming you aboard!


Q: “How do I use your sauna?”
A: Upon booking, we provide you with a comprehensive User Manual (also for download at the bottom of this page), which outlines the features of the equipment and gives you an introduction on how to take a sauna bath. Please also view our About page.

Q: “When does my rental term begin and when does it end?
A: You are booking the equipment per night, much like you would book a hotel room. We will deliver the trailer by 5 p.m. on the day your rental term begins. We will pick it up by 2 p.m. on the day after the last night you booked it for .

For example, your booking dates are January 5-8. We will come for pick-up in the afternoon of January 9th.

We try to be flexible with the delivery and pick-up hours, and will work with you as best as possible to find a time that is mutually convenient.

Q: “What is Spa Fleet’s Cancellation Policy?”
A: Our Cancellation Policy is outlined in section 13. Time Of Payment. Cancellation Of Rental. of the Equipment Rental Agreement, which you can find at the bottom of this page.

Q: “I don’t know how to use a wood stove. Is it dangerous or difficult?”
A: Our info sheet How to start a fire in the sauna stove, as well as the person delivering the sauna to you will explain how to safely start a fire and operate the stove, with no prior experience necessary. The sauna stove does not have any levers, dampers or other adjustments you may find in a more complex home heating wood stove. The flue pipe is always fully open to ensure that all smoke and flue gases will be taken out through the chimney. Furthermore, there are heat shields installed on the walls adjacent to and on the floor beneath the stove.

Pricing & Availability

Bookings are made by the night, much like a hotel room. Generally, we will deliver the sauna to you by 5 p.m. on the day your rental begins, and we retrieve it by 2 p.m. on the day after the last night you booked it for. However, we will make every effort to work with you to arrange for a time of day that works best for all involved.


The rental fee for one night or for two nights is the same at $650. Any additional night is priced at $125.

Delivery fees are based on the delivery location and will be displayed in our CART page before final checkout. Please enter your City, State and Zip Code for find out the exact amount.

All fees for bookings with a delivery address in the state of New York are subject to sales tax at 8.00%.

Full-Service Rentals

Full-service rentals include an attendant who will operate and maintain the sauna during your event. The attendant’s tasks include maintaining the fire, guiding first-time sauna bathers, performing cleaning between groups of users, and other sauna hosting duties. For a full-service pricing quote for your event, please contact us and we will discuss details regarding your location, length of event, and attendant’s overnight accommodations if necessary.

Special Offers

Mid-week bookings (Monday through Thursday nights) receive a 20% discount with the coupon code “midweek”. This discount does not apply to the mid-week portion of rental periods, which also include any weekend nights (Friday through Sunday.)

For longer booking periods we offer significant price breaks. Our 7-night package is priced at $1150. Our 14-night package is priced at $1900. Again, additional nights can be booked on top at $125/night.


To find out about available dates, please use our online booking system in the BOOK page.

If during your booking period you should decide that you’d like to keep the sauna for longer than initially planned we will try our best to accommodate you if the equipment is available. The additional fee of $125 per day will apply.

Specification: SpaFleet Mobile Sauna Serving New York – New Jersey – Connecticut, and beyond.









Spa Fleet is a mobile spa rental business, which is based in the Mid-Hudson Valley and serves the Catskill Mountains, the tri-state area of New York – New Jersey – Connecticut, and beyond.

SpaFleet Mobile Sauna Serving New York – New Jersey – Connecticut, and beyond.
SpaFleet Mobile Sauna Serving New York – New Jersey – Connecticut, and beyond.



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Spa Fleet