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Why You Should Add a Sauna To Your Vacation Rental or Airbnb This Year

sauna vacation rental

As a vacation rental owner or manager, you’re always looking for ways to increase bookings and enhance the guest experience. By offering unique and desirable amenities, you can set your property apart from the competition.

One such amenity that has been steadily gaining popularity is the sauna. If you’re not ready to buy a sauna for your vacation rental or Airbnb, consider partnering with a sauna rental company on SaunaShare. They will bring a mobile sauna to your vacation rental for guests to enjoy. This is a great option if you don’t want to have to clean the sauna yourself, or want someone else to deal with the maintenance.

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Whether you buy or rent a sauna for your vacation rental, here’s how they can pay for themselves and be a great investment.

  1. Health and wellness benefits

Saunas have long been associated with a multitude of health and wellness benefits. Regular sauna use can improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress, and aid in muscle recovery. Vacationers who prioritize their health and wellness will appreciate having easy access to a sauna during their stay. By promoting the sauna as a wellness amenity, you can attract guests who value relaxation and rejuvenation, setting your property apart from others.

  1. Appeal to a wider audience

While some vacationers may seek adventure and exploration, others may prioritize relaxation and pampering. By offering a sauna, your vacation rental can cater to both types of travelers. Additionally, saunas have cross-cultural appeal, as they are popular in various countries and cultures. By incorporating a sauna into your property, you can attract a diverse range of guests, ultimately increasing your potential bookings.

  1. Year-round appeal

Vacation rentals in colder climates may experience a dip in bookings during the winter months. However, a sauna can make your property more appealing during these colder periods. After a day of skiing or exploring the snowy landscape, there’s nothing better than warming up and relaxing in a cozy sauna. By promoting your sauna as a year-round amenity, you can maintain steady bookings throughout the year.

  1. Increased perceived value

Adding a sauna to your vacation rental can significantly increase its perceived value. Guests are often willing to pay a premium for luxury amenities, and a sauna certainly fits the bill. By investing in a high-quality sauna, you can justify higher rental rates and potentially boost your overall revenue.

  1. A unique selling point

In an increasingly competitive vacation rental market, it’s crucial to set your property apart from the rest. A sauna is a unique selling point that many properties don’t offer, making your vacation rental stand out to potential guests. By highlighting the sauna in your property’s description and photos, you can draw more attention and interest from potential renters.

  1. Easy maintenance

While some amenities require significant upkeep, saunas are relatively low-maintenance. By following the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and maintaining the sauna, you can ensure it remains in optimal condition for your guests. Plus, the investment in a sauna can be more cost-effective than other amenities, such as a pool or hot tub, which may require more regular maintenance and higher costs.


Adding a sauna to your vacation rental can significantly enhance the guest experience while also increasing the property’s appeal, perceived value, and booking potential. By investing in this unique amenity, you can attract a wider audience, maintain year-round bookings, and ultimately boost your revenue. With the multitude of benefits that a sauna provides, it’s no wonder that more and more vacation rental owners are turning up the heat and adding this luxurious feature to their properties.