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Mobile Sauna Rental Options in Canada

mobile sauna rentals canada

Sauna culture has been alive and well in Canada for over 100 years. As you’ll see below, the look and feel of public saunas continues to evolve in Canada. Over the years, the Public Sauna Houses and Finnish neighborhood saunas have unfortunately trended towards stale gym saunas.

But sauna entrepreneurs are now mobile with a fresh take on an ancient practice – and the way we sauna is quickly changing.

SaunaShare only lists authentic wood burning saunas that meet the following criteria:

  • Heat – The sauna must reach 70°C outside during a polar vortex.
  • Rocks – Sauna stoves must have rocks
  • Steam – Essential to a true Finnish sauna experience, all our listed saunas allow splashing water on the rocks to create “loyly,” or warming steam.

By that definition, saunas are getting harder to come by – even while their popularity and known health benefits skyrocket.

How to Rent a Sauna anywhere in Canada

Did you know there may be a Canadian sauna host that will deliver a sauna to your home, vacation rental, gym, or event? Simply use the SaunaShare map tools or location links to find a perfect sauna you can book at home.

As we look to rebuild our communities and come together, let’s honor the time proven tradition of sharing a sauna with our families, neighbors, and countrymen.

Most saunas can be rented for $200-400/day with free delivery within the hosts service area. Wood burning saunas are delivered with firewood, and some provide extras like ice bath, towels, and even guided sauna sessions.

We are three years into this adventure, and the number of mobile saunas available has skyrocket. And it’s still fair to say that no one has ever regretted renting a sauna.

Canada Saunas

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Canadian Mobile Sauna Companies

There are several Canadian built options for sauna hosts to consider when starting a mobile sauna rental business. The Canadian mobile sauna builder with the most kilometers on the road is without a doubt Casa De Sauna in Ontario.

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We often hear mixed reviews about how well barrel saunas hold up on the road, but Casa De Sauna has clearly solved those challenges. We think the trick was integrating the barrel into the frame of the trailer. Much like they integrate the wood-burning stove into the wall, making it the only outside-feed barrel sauna we know of.

Casa De Sauna now has mobile barrel saunas operating throughout Canada and the US. In fact, mobile saunas have become a solid export for Canada, with Casa De Sauna barrel saunas crossing the border to meet their new owners in Buffalo, NY.

Mobile Sauna Types

Canadian sauna rentals come in many shapes and sizes. Barrel Saunas are the most popular, with many of them made by CasaDeSauna in Ontario. There are also Pod Saunas, which are like an A-Frame house mixed with a barrel sauna.

The fastest growing style is the modern sauna, and trailer saunas like the ones from Voyageur Custom Saunas, which have been crossing the American borders in recent years.

Learn more about the types of saunas available to rent in Canada here.

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