Sauna On a Trailer – DIY Friendly Mobile Sauna Examples

If you’ve considered building or buying an outdoor sauna, you’ve probably considered a sauna on a trailer.

The lure is obvious, you can tow it and drop it anywhere. You bring it wherever you want, and it can pay for itself if you start a mobile sauna business.

Mobile Saunas are a relatively new phenomenon. They have multiple benefits including getting around building codes, moving with the owner, bringing camping, and are excellent for owners with seasonal cabins or cottages.

Barrel Sauna On A Utility Trailer

Saunas on trailers don’t have to be complicated either. Our favorite example is barrel saunas that are simply strapped down to a utility trailer. Check out Stoke Saunas in Minneapolis for an example of this.

However, most barrel saunas (especially barrel sauna kits) are not built for high winds or highway driving over 60 mph. They can be delivered and moved occasionally but if you’re thinking about starting a mobile sauna business we recommend a builder like CasaDeSauna who specializes in Mobile Barrel Saunas.

Barrel Saunas can be purchased for as little as $3,000 USD and put on any simple utility trailer.

Other examples of barrel sauna trailers include

Cargo Trailer Saunas

If you want to really log some miles on your sauna, we recommend a cargo trailer sauna.

While this is almost certainly the first time fuel economy of mobile saunas has been discussed, we think it is an important factor to consider with the popularity of mobile saunas.

Mobile saunas for sauna rental businesses should be built for the road and tow well. Most climates where mobile saunas are popular are also wintery climates with plenty of snow. Mobile saunas should handle well in icy conditions.

In general, cargo trailer style saunas are the best for winter driving and logging miles for mobile saunas. The gold standard for mobile saunas is Custom Mobile Saunas in Minnesota. If you’re in North America we highly recommend getting in touch with them on Sauna Marketplace.

Cargo Trailer Saunas Include:

Tiny Home Sauna On a Trailer

Tiny Homes have been popular longer than mobile saunas – and they are a category of saunas on trailers that can be considered. Tiny Home saunas are typically more expensive and travel poorly compared to other trailer types.

If you want an elaborate sauna and don’t plan on moving it often, a tiny home sauna is for you if you can afford it. Tiny home saunas are the most versatile mobile saunas and often have the best saunas views.

Examples of Tiny Home Trailer Saunas include

Horse Trailer Saunas

What better use for an old horse trailer than a sauna? Modern horse trailers are far more comfortable for horses, and old horse trailers can be found on the cheap on Craigslist.

Examples of horse trailers converted into saunas include:

Fish House Sauna

Hiki Hut Sauna in Duluth Minnesota (the sauna capital of North America?) are the only category creators in the bunch. They took an ice shanty and turned it into the first mobile sauna trailer in Duluth, Minnesota.

Hiki Hut can be credited with reviving the sauna culture in Duluth, which has a history of Finnish public saunas.

How to Build a Sauna On a Trailer

Trailer saunas are complicated and full of pitfalls that are common with saunas and trailers.

Well built saunas on trailers are constructed with similar techniques as tiny homes. Sauna Parabuch created a sauna trailer handbook as part of their crowdfunding campaign, which we hope to bring you soon.

You could also buy a mobile sauna shell kit from Custom Mobile Saunas and finish the interior work yourself.

Check back for updates on how to build a sauna on a trailer.

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