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It’s Time To Bring The Sauna To Your Gym Or Wellness Business

rent a sauna in duluth

That’s right, the hottest thing in wellness can be delivered to your business for a special event, promotion, or to simply treat your customers or employees.

Also known as “Wellness Food Trucks,” a mobile sauna rental is the perfect way to safely bring people together, create community, and get some awesome press (we can help with that).

In fact, you just might find yourself making it a recurring feature of your business. Weekly or monthly sauna sessions work especially well with gyms and fitness studios.

Or take the plunge and get a full time sauna on site that can be rented out in 90 minute sessions. This is an amazing add-on for chiropractors, massage studios, and holistic medical practices. We even have partners with ‘Rent to Own’ financing for new saunas.

We have the science behind us, and it’s time to deliver the sauna to the people. Full steam ahead.

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Email to get in touch with your local sauna companies (not all are listed publicy) who are guaranteed to make your event memorable.

Press Examples From Sauna Events

Good press is hard to get, unless you have a mobile sauna.

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