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Saunum Heaters Are Now UL Certified and in North America. Here’s Their Story.

Saunum Air - UL certified and available in US and Canada

The heart of Southern Estonia, nestled among the rolling hills and quiet forests, is the birthplace of a unique sauna experience that has gained worldwide recognition. A local engineer named Andrus Vare, armed with a degree in thermal engineering embarked on a journey that would revolutionize the traditional sauna.

Andrus’s passion for saunas was born in this picturesque locale. He grew up enjoying the unique qualities of local historic smoke saunas, which feature a lower temperature and higher humidity than the more recognized Finnish saunas. These experiences and a deep understanding of thermal engineering sparked an ambition in Andrus to innovate the sauna experience.

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Anyone who has built an electric sauna can relate to the issue of heat stratification, where the hot air rises and site at the top of the sauna, creating an unnacceptable temperature difference between the head and the feet.

Andrus also found this inconsistent heat distribution unpleasant, even causing headaches and body stress in extreme cases. He recognized this as a challenge that needed to be addressed.

Inspired by the ancient smoke saunas and Native American saunas, where the stones were first heated during the day and their stored heat used to cleanse the body, Andrus sought to create an innovative solution combining the authenticity of these traditional saunas with modern technology.

His vision was to develop a sauna that offers a pleasantly mild and relaxing experience without the scorching steam often associated with traditional models. But achieving an even temperature throughout the sauna, from head to foot, was a significant hurdle. Andrus tackled this challenge head-on with research support from the Tallinn University of Technology, where they analyzed the thermal stratification and air movement in the sauna room.

From this extensive research and technological innovation, Saunum was born. Saunum’s unique patented air mixing system captures the hot steam that rises under the sauna room’s ceiling, mixes it with the cooler air near the floor, and directs the milder steam back evenly. This ingenious design creates an enjoyable, unaggressive heat. You can sit in the sauna for longer, enjoying a deep cleanse without feeling tired or overwhelmed by the heat.

Andrus didn’t stop there. Saunum devices have a significantly larger stone volume than other sauna heaters, creating a pleasantly mild indoor climate with long, soft steam. Add to this various features, including a moist, steamy sauna, therapeutic salt sauna, and a healthy aroma sauna, and you have a truly customizable sauna experience at your fingertips.

Saunum even incorporates Himalayan salt orbs into their design, which release beneficial salt ions that benefit skin and respiratory health. An integrated sauna aroma system further enhances the experience, infusing the steam with healthful aromas.

Saunum’s sauna devices, with their innovative features and commitment to a truly relaxing sauna experience, are suitable for adults and children. In Andrus Vare’s own words, “Have a pleasant sauna!” Through a blend of traditional heritage, scientific research, and technological innovation, Saunum is bringing an extraordinary sauna experience to homes worldwide.

And the reviews are extremely positive. Lassi Likkanen, a trough critic who wrote the book on Finnish Sauna Design has been approvingly testing Saunum through his company, Saunologia in Finland. They recently swapped in a Saunum Primary air circulating heater for a Harvia Cilindro in a small Finnish sauna. Here are the results.

Check out Saunum’s UL-listed ‘Saunum Air’, now available in North America on