Sauna Health Benefits

What Happens Physically in a Sauna?

monkey getting out of hot water, similar to what happens physically during a sauna session

As you enter the sauna, tension fades and muscles relax. Within minutes, toxins begin flushing from your body.

Your heart beat increases.

The equivalent of a cardiovascular workout unfolds, burning calories and dilating blood vessels. The ‘inflammatory cascade’ is in full effect as your heart rate has now doubled its resting beat.

Next, feel-good chemicals including dopamine are released and stress fades away completely.

Sore muscles and joints begin to relax and sooth as blood vessels dilate – increasing blood circulation.

By now, skin is cleansed of bacteria, and a process begins to replace dead cells.

It’s been 15 minutes, and a cold rinse sounds like the best idea you’ve ever heard.

And with that, dead skin cells are washed away leaving behind soft, glowing skin. Time for the best sleep of your life.

Counterintuitively, the inflammatory cascade the was set off when your heart beat started to increase has left you with less inflammation throughout the body, which improves mental health.