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Ontario Saunas: Public, Private, Rental, and Hotel Saunas in ON

mobile sauna in ontario from casas de sauna

Ontario, Canada is home to some of the best public and rental saunas in the world. The Canadian Providence is also the center of a burgeoning global sauna rental movement. Ontario sauna culture includes mobile saunas, barrel saunas, tent saunas, and more traditional public sauna spaces, gym saunas, and hotel/spa saunas.

Whether you’re visiting or just looking for a sauna near you – you should never have to travel too far (or at all if you order a delivered sauna) for a great sweat in Ontario.

Here are the best saunas in Ontario.


Imagine having a sauna delivered to your door for your next special occasion, party, or event.  If you live anywhere in Ontario, chances are you can accomplish this thanks to CasaDeSauna and their partner companies. If looking for an outdoor sauna, this is the source.

CasaDeSauna is a mobile sauna manufacturer and sauna rental company in Ontario, Canada.  They’ve been manufacturing and renting premium saunas in Ontario since 2015.  We know they’re great thanks to their customer reviews on SaunaShare.

They deliver wood-burning barrel saunas through much of Ontario, including Toronto, London, Hamilton, Mississauga, and Muskoka.

Most barrel saunas can be put on a utility trailer but are not meant for much highway driving.  Manufacturers of barrel sauna kits recommend limiting highway driving to 60 mph and avoiding headwinds.

Not the case with CasaDeSauna mobile saunas.  They are the only mobile barrel sauna manufacturer in Canada that specializes in road-worthy barrel saunas that are built into the trailer.

CasaDeSauna also has cedar hot tubs, mobile saunas, and barrel saunas for sale in Ontario.

Read reviews, and book a sauna session delivered to your door right here on SaunaShare.


Go Sauna House is a community oriented public sauna tent in Toronto, Ontario. started by Kris and Jess with the goal of growing a sauna community in Toronto.

The unique public sauna uses a sauna tent from SnowTrekker Tents in Wisconsin, USA.

The sauna has residencies at coffee-shops, community spaces, Yoga Studios, and in the woods.  

See where they are today at

Kangas Sauna in Thunder Bay

Kangas Sauna is a historical public sauna experience in Thunday Bay, Ontario. .  

Many Ontarians have been visiting this historic Finnish sauna since they were kids.  Kangas is one of the few public saunas left from previous generations of Finnish settlers along the Great Lakes.  Public Saunas were common public spaces for Finns and many settler towns had several of them.

Kangas remains a one-of-a kind public sauna where locals and visitors can comfortably sauna for as little as $22 per person.

Each of the 18 public saunas can be rented privately and has a changing room and shower.

When done with your sauna session, there’s a restaurant to relax and replenish with their world-class borscht.

With over 100 acres of forests and meadows, you won’t find a better place in Ontario to enjoy the outdoors and relax with a Finnish Dry Sauna, outdoor hot springs, and a plunge pool to cool down between sessions.

Scandinave Spa in Blue Mountain

If you’re looking to splurge on your next getaway, you may consider the Scandinave Spa in Blue Mountain.  The year-round spa allows you to enjoy the outdoors and natural beauty of Ontario all winter.

The property offers Forest bathing, outdoor hot tubs, Massages, and of course a Finnish Sauna.

Chillout Tent

Surprise your loved ones, celebrate that special occasion, or get creative with a mobile sauna delivery! Where would you have it delivered? Chillout Sauna has free 24 hour barrel sauna delivery in the Toronto area.

Chillout Sauna is another mobile barrel sauna available for rent in the greater Toronto area.  It was built by CasaDeSauna (see number one) and has all the same advantages: wood burning, authentic mobile sauna that was built for the road.

The sauna can be delivered to your door, camp, or event.

RG Saunas

RG Saunas is another mobile sauna rental service available in Ontario.  Once the sauna is booked, you can sit back and relax while the sauna is delivered and set up for you.

There is no delivery charge in the North Kawartha area. 

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